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My Clients

Meaningful Collaborations

Here is a list of a few of my friends below. 


Julia Lee Performing Arts Academy


I have been working with Julia Lee Performing Arts Academy since their inception. JLPAA's focus was start-up and growth and we were able to work together to create a stable and predictable plan for success.


Yosemite Valley Charter School

Stability and Sustainability

I have worked with Yosemite Valley since their startup in 2016 and have helped them grow their service offering to the kiddos who preferred a non-classroom based environment. They are now focusing their operations on stability and a plan to continue to offer those services on an on-going basis.


Monarch River Academy

Stability and Sustainability

Monarch River Academy opened in 2019 and I had the honor of helping them during those first days. They used a very meticulous plan of growth that needed outside funding to accomplish that plan. Currently, the shift in planning has moved to stability and sustainability.


Center For Advanced Learning

Stakeholder Confidence and Sustainability

I started my partnership with the Center For Advanced Learning after their previous back-office was at odds with the authorizer. I was able to join the team and insert immediate confidence with Los Angeles Unified School District.

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Quinn Davis

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