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After leaving the corporate world in 2016, I’ve worked for small schools with as few as 60 students to the largest charter school in the state with thousands. I’ve successfully created plans to implement financial stability with a “there’s always a solution” approach. While the approach is financial, the work itself is very personal because I become invested in each community and into each relationship. Get in touch and learn how we can commit to help you to achieve your vision.

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Budgeting and Forecasting

Is your school financially sustainable over the next few years? Can you afford that building you've been thinking about? Can you invest in a marketing plan for growth? Your budgets and financial forecasts tell the story. We believe the numbers talk and are fully capable of answering the questions you have. We don't focus on the past. We focus on the future.


Cash Flow Management

Did you know that 67% of charter schools that are forced to close their doors do so because of financial mismanagement? Did you also know that most of those schools had a financial management company helping them, but their services only included the basics. They prepared financials, completed the required budgets and provided cash reports, but never became personally involved. We do. Your school becomes our school.



This is the key piece that is missing from all other back-office providers. Their focus is on preparing the numbers based on monthly results so that you can then report those results to the board. Then rinse and repeat. We get involved in your operations and provide financial analysis that reviews your enrollment and attendance, your pupil-to-teacher ratios, your direct student costs and more.


Accounts Payable

If your vendors aren't happy then your parents and students are the people that eventually suffer because of a lack of supplies, services and goods that are needed to fulfill their educational goals. We work with your vendors to keep the lines of communication open so that they are aware of when specific payment obligations will be met.



We provide top-notch services for you through our partnership with Paychex. Your team members are provided with an employee profile that allows them to manage their exemptions, residential addresses, withholdings, paystubs, leave balances, and so much more, without waiting "up to 24 hours" for a report from the back-office.


Federal and State Compliance

All charter schools are required to meet specific reporting requirements related to how they manage their funding. Reporting includes financial data used for special education, title funds, LCAP support, unaudited and audited financials, annual budgets, and 1st and 2nd interims.


Debt and Factoring

Have you ever felt the weight of debt? Schools are the same way. We help you to manage your debt needs to either grow your school with the assistance of various financing options or to help you pay off the current debt burdens.


Start-up Support

We provide full financial reporting support and advisory services as we work with you, your team and your authorizer to establish the School.


Board and Governance Training

Facility Consultations

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